Like many of you, I grew up in the woods and fields with a rifle or shotgun in my hands – guns are and have been a big part of my life since I was a kid. I don’t remember when I joined the NRA, but it was certainly before my 18th birthday. I’ll admit it – I’m a gun nut, whether you’re talking antique side-by-side shotguns, or modern sporting rifles, or cowboy guns— I’m all in!

The NRA’s work is more critical than ever to preserve our firearms heritage. Even though I’ve served at the national level with the NRA, I believe I can have broader and deeper impact as a board member. I would greatly appreciate your support!

Personal Freedom

Our founding fathers were very aware of the importance of defending one’s self from both personal attack and tyrannical abuse of power from a government. These basic freedoms, whether you’re speaking of the freedom of speech or religion, or the press, or of assembly, or the right to keep and bear arms, are not bought once and then forgotten. These foundational freedoms are precious and must continually be fought for and protected.

Vision for Shooting Sports

Like all great movements, this one rests with the people, regardless of race, gender, background, etc. My vision for shooting sports encompasses all groups – including non-traditional. I’ve seen first-hand the real opportunity to bring communities together and solidify them through shooting sports and hunting.

Fostering Community through Shooting Sports

One of my passions is helping folks with their shooting and have been an NRA instructor for 20 years. But more than that, I love working with youth and different groups with teaching and shooting sports. I also love to join in on the fun and have competed in many different disciplines. All this builds the community at the local level, and the heart of the NRA is the local community.

Support of the Law Enforcement Community

As a law enforcement officer myself, I understand well the sacrifice the men and women out there make each and every day in the daily work of protecting citizens. I’ve served on the NRA’s Law Enforcement Assistance Committee since 2016. Through the many NRA law enforcement training programs and competition, we help to keep our officers prepared.

Get to Know Mark

Find out more about Mark’s involvement in the local and national shooting communities, his background as a business executive, his passion to pass on his love and knowledge of the shooting sports, and his community involvement as a law enforcement officer.


Can I Vote?

Those who have been a member for 5 consecutive years (meaning no lapses in membership), or life members or greater can participate in the board of director elections each year.

If you need to confirm your voting status, call: 1-800-672-3888 EXT. 1

Make Your Vote Count

You don’t have to use up all of your votes! In fact, by only voting for those candidates you want on the board, you greatly increase the power of your choice and their chance of success.


I find it repulsive that the media refers to our ‘gun culture’ here in the U.S.-

I’d rather characterize it as our ‘freedom culture.’

-Mark Vaughan

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Cover Photo Credit: Mike Jones